Ocean View / Lutak Road Slope Movement

Public Information Release
Nice weather and another day of minor movement in the slump area welcomed the DOT drilling crew who began drilling a series of test holes this morning.

DOT engineers and geologist laid out a drilling pattern of two lines of three holes that form two sides of a triangle, a top hole on Ocean View Drive, which was drilled by Denali Drilling for PND Engineers a couple weeks ago, is the common point of these two lines. Each of these two lines will include one hole on Front Street, one hole on Lutak Road, and the top hole on Ocean View. By collecting data from all three levels that are in line with the slide movement, this pattern will allow geologists to get a better understanding of the materials in the slump area from the top to the bottom, helping them find a cause and a solution. This information will be combined with that collected by the Borough’s contract engineers, PND, to increase the modeling results.

No new cracks or visual changes were found today.

Next update is scheduled for 3 pm Friday, February 10th.