Interracial Dating

Because they are not interested in marrying interracially a person you’ve been dating ends the relationship. Yes, interracial dating is usually much more accepted now and is undoubtedly on the rise. Society is more tolerant of non-conventional couples and, consequently, a lot more people are willing to give interracial dating a try but that doesn’t always mean they’re not unwilling to take the big plunge.

Interracial Dating

Would somebody date interracially but not want to marry interracially? On the surface it smacks of every negative racial stereotype you have ever heard of? Sexual curiosity… the bane of interracial dating. That might be the scenario with some but there is something to consider too. There are a lot of women, men and folks, who just don’t want to cope with the cultural challenges of an interracial marriage. Relationship is a story that is different. You are able to stop a dating scenario if things get overly complex as a result of racial differences but that’s not really an option for marriage. You are tied to that person and ending it can be cluttered, as in any marriage once you take the vows. Plus, it would be difficult for a judge to consider racial problems as “irreconcilable” differences. That is why a lot folks are wiling to date but not marry interracially.

Now, when you take a step back and actually think of it… can you blame them? Usually, it’s a good thing when people are willing to take a while to think of what they could and couldn’t cope with in a marriage and we regularly encourage our friends to date different people to find out what those matters are. Why can’t racial issues be included that you should contemplate? If it’s acceptable for a person to walk away from a dating situation because they don’t enjoy the other individual’s personality quirks should not it also be acceptable for someone to walk away if they think that an interracial relationship is too much trouble for them?

It’s not actually a waste of anybody’s time to date even if they are unsure about how they’d feel about union. If people simply dated because they were marriage-minded, there would be lots of empty eateries on Friday and Saturday nights. An individual can genuinely be brought to you personally, and for all the right reasons, but realize that the stares in public make them overly uneasy. And, yes, it’s ok for one to be disappointed for not being powerful enough to endure that type of thing for the benefit of being with you but, ultimately, if they’re not willing to try you should not push them. Your relationship will not be predicated on the appropriate foundation. And before going into it you should want to understand that. If you can see that the partner may not have the capacity to deal with the challenges of an interracial marriage do not wear blinders.

Now, whether you’re willing to go out with someone who makes it known upfront that they’re not enthusiastic about marrying interracially is a story that is completely different. Clearly, it depends on what you’re seeking and how mature you might be. That is kind of like going out with someone who does not want children though when you’ve a five-year old at home. But then again, if you’re only dating to date and not to prescreen individuals for union then perhaps that’s something you are fine with. We’re not suggesting which you should or should not go out with folks who’dn’t marry interracially. We’re just examining what some of the motivations might be. Finally, it’s your responsibility to find out if you’re willing to go out with someone who isn’t interested in marriage… whether it is due to race or not.

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