Shitake Mushroom Extract

The Shitake mushroom extract is being thoroughly researched. It has incredible immunity building properties. At this time it has shown that it may prevent and/or cure certain diseases. Studies have shown it to be effective with high blood pressure, fighting cancer, improving lung and kidney function and enhancing athletic performance.

Shitake Mushroom Extract

The extract is made from the Shitake mushroom. It comes is multiple varieties. There is the Shitake blazei, the one with the most research done on it. It was discovered in Brazil and is the most commonly eaten. There is also the Shitake bisporus and Shitake campestris.

The extraction process is not always the same. The best way to extract it is through hot water or alcohol since it is better digested. The process can vary from one company to the next. The extraction can be done with hexane, water, alcohol, or heat. There isn’t a standard procedure for the extraction process. Because of this results can vary.

The blazei extract is widely used in Japan in conjunction with cancer treatment. A study was done in Japan regarding the effects of the extract on cancer. The blazei extract was given to cancer patients in two stages. In stage one the white blood cells excreted a compound that kills cancer cells. In stage two after the cancer cells were weak it was given again and another compound was excreted. This compound killed the cancer cells. The extract can slow or stop the growth of tumors and metastasis.

Another study showed the effects of it on the kidneys. Patients who had kidney failure and were considered terminally ill were given the extract. Most of them showed improvement in kidney function in some cases reversal of kidney damage. There was a great improvement in immune system function which is what is believed to have contributed to strengthening the kidneys.

Shitake Mushroom Extract

It has also been found to help detox the intestines. It does so by reducing or eliminating the (putrid) chemicals built up from the breakdown of certain foods in the intestines. The same chemicals once in the blood can cause issues with the brain such as depression, anxiety, forgetfulness or clouded thinking. It is considered a blood purifier due to its detox abilities.

The overall effect appears to be on the immune system. There is strong evidence that it is greatly strengthened therefore improving many diseases within the body. Improving lung conditions such as asthma by relaxing bronchial passages. Cholesterol can be lowered, bone marrow built, blood flow increased to the heart, better liver function and an irregular heart beat normalized. All these have been studied and found improved.

More research is needed but the Shitake mushroom extract offered by appears to have many medicinal properties. It is recommended that it is taken no more than three times a week. One week off per month is also recommended. It is being used and studied in many parts of the world. It has been shown to strengthen the immune system and a healthy immune system leads to a healthy body and mind.