Almacenaje En Guangzhou

Over 250 billion bucks worth of products per year are imported from China by American makers. Imports from China via almacenaje en Guangzhou can be your ticket to wealth or quickly turn into a problem for your company if you do refrain the correct study BEFORE you begin importing. This article will certainly explain some typical troubles run into by small companies that begin importing items from China.

almacenaje en Guangzhou

1) Only Handle Reliable Merchants: Among one of the most essential things you can do before starting the process is to make sure that you are dealing with reputable Chinese exporters. Most of the times, American producers will browse the internet for potential exporters and wind up with a checklist of names or companies that they recognize nothing around. The following scenario takes place daily to some unwary new importer without any knowledge.

Firm (YourNameHere) sends their examples over to a prospective Chinese merchant for remanufacture and is delighted when 6 weeks later on their samples arrive. The top quality of the examples you received are outstanding and also the cost is incredibly low. Everything seems fantastic, so you wire $12,000.00 to your Chinese merchant for the first order … and you never hear from him again! That’s right – those 3 examples you obtained just cost you $12,000.00 as well as you have definitely no recourse. How do you avoid this usual mistake? Ask for referrals from your Chinese export resource and inspect them completely. Possibilities are, if the United States firms that have already taken care of your exporter have had good luck, then you most likely will as well. Be careful! Although the majority of exporters from China are honest – there are plenty that are not.

2) Know your terms and also SPECIFY. My business got 3,000 natural leather “widgets” from a merchant that we had actually been associating with for numerous years and also anticipated no problems with the upcoming shipment. Until it showed up. The products were supplied and also we rapidly recognized that the “widgets” were not constructed from leather however rather economical plastic. We instantly called our exporter as well as demanded a description regarding why our items were not made from natural leather as plainly stated on the order. His action was: “Oh … in China, if you want something made from genuine leather, then you need to state “real” natural leather. If you don’t state genuine, after that you get replica. An expensive lesson learned.

3) Quality Assurance: There is none! If you are fortunate sufficient to be the owner of Wal-Mart then you operate your own factory in China and have control over quality. If you are a little firm who depends on the exporter or the Chinese producer to regulate high quality, then you can rely on having quality problems. What’s that imply? It indicates that from one shipment to the next you may be sent out items that do not match in color to your previous order. Worst situation circumstance? The following deliveries of items could look very various with entirely different packaging.

almacenaje en Guangzhou

4) Delivery: Once More – if you don’t offer specific shipping directions then you risk of obtaining a container which is filled to the leading with a stack of boxes that actually fall all over you when you open up the container doors. Ask me how I understand this. Ensure you request all boxes within a container to be palletized and also wrapped in shrink cover.

5) The Silver Lining: Importing items from China through almacenaje en Guangzhou can be a VERY rewarding experience as long as you ensure that you are handling reliable merchants. Stay clear of using export brokers that search around China for tiny makers that will rapidly throw your order along with no concerns to quality. The very best wager is to deal directly with well-known Chinese manufacturing firms that concentrate on one line of product. If you want to import MP3 gamers, then search out Chinese suppliers that specialize in that product and have a proven track record for quality as well as promptly delivery.

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