Monday, May 23, 2011 by Bill Kurz

Haines Railroad Connection is a good idea

For over a year I have been working on the idea of building an extension to the Alaska Railroad from Haines to Delta Junction. Started with Denali Pipeline then TransCanada. Have interest from Yukon Economic Development, Alaska Railroad, TransCanada, Rep. Bill Thomas, Gov. Parnell and Congressman Don Young.

With enough interest to get it built there would be at least 100 good pay, long lasting jobs here in Haines. There is a great amount of minerals to be shipped out of Yukon. If the gas pipeline gets built that would be shipped via rail rather than our roads. Haines would then have a “ Scenic Railway “. Shipping to and from the Alaska interior would be more reasonable. Environmentally trains make much less pollution per ton than trucks.

I can not think of anything to make a better economic impact in Haines with a smaller footprint.

Bill Kurz


Wednesday, November 3, 2010 by Joe Poor

Haines Economy Studied for Past 5 Months

To the Haines Chamber Economic Development Committee:

Thanks for your dedication assessing our Borough’s current strengths and weaknesses! Your commitment and concern for the economic welfare of all Haines residents is sincerely appreciated. You recognized that without a solid, strong and diversified economy, our community may no longer be able to support the local infrastructure and amenities we have all grown to appreciate.

You have dedicated many hours researching, evaluating and discussing our current and potential future for Haines, from an honest, non-biased and no-nonsense perspective. These discussions have identified the negative and positive assets of our local business climate which should enable our Borough Assembly to plan and take action ensuring our community’s economic future.

It is now their choice to ignore or accept these assessments and incorporate them into their outdated master plan. Federal, State and Private Grants which have paid for most of our essential community service improvements and social programs, may become difficult to sustain based on our national debt and Alaska’s declining oil production.

Personal thanks to the following Committee Members:

Annette Smith, Secretary, owner- Fort Seward Condo’s

Bill Rostad, Retired Sales Manager & 30 year member – National Ski Patrol

Doug Olerud, Former Assembly Member and Owner – Alaska Sport Shop

Jim Carnahan, Tribal Administrator for CIA (up until August)

Joan Carlson, Chamber Office Manager

Judith McDermaid, Owner – The Hair Shop and Chamber Board Member

Ken Waldo, Owner Waldo Enterprises

Lenise Henderson, Owner/Partner in Haines tourism related businesses.

Randa Szymanski, Owner – The Travel Connection

Robert Venables, Former Borough Manager & Haines Econ. Dev. Director

Roger Maynard, Publisher – HainesNews.net

Royal Henderson, Student Body President


Joe Poor

Saturday, October 16, 2010 by Bill Kurz

What has Haines Borough government come to??

I received a ” PUBLIC NOTICE Notification of In-Person Interview With Greg Goodman Friday, October 15, 2010, 5PM” . ” Location: Community Room Haines Borough Public Library”.

When I got there I was advised by Deputy Clerk Jamie Heinz that I could not video record the meeting. As many know I have video recorded all the Borough Assembly meetings for over a year and they have been shown on Haines Cable TV. This service has become quite an interest to the community.

Needless to say I was stunned. Chilkat Valley News was also barred from sound recording the meeting. Yet we were told we could get a copy of the recording next Tuesday. Let me make it clear I do not blame Jamie as she was following the borough attorney’s direction. the official announcement is attached.

I must ask that more residents become involved at least more come to Borough meetings.

Bill Kurz

Wednesday, October 13, 2010 by Brenda Jones

I want to thank the community of Haines for the votes and encouragement that I received during my campaign for Haines Borough School Board Seat E. As a parent, member of the community and Controller of a local employer, I believe that children are our future. Our obligation is to prepare them so that they are able to fully realize their aspirations and also contribute to the betterment of society.

It is still my desire to advocate for the children. I look forward to continuing to offer my assistance when the district is in need in the areas of my expertise. It is my intention to always remain involved, informed and invested for the benefit of our children.

Thank you for the votes and encouragement,

Brenda Jones

Wednesday, September 29, 2010 by Jim Studley

Why might one support a particular political candidate over another?  For me it is simple, results.  Senator Lisa Murkowski has contributed more to Haines than any other Senator besides the Honorable Ted Stevens.  There are dozens and dozens of rural Alaskans and rural Alaskan communities that have this exact same experience and feeling.  She has never done anything to hurt Alaska and she is certainly no quitter.  I remember when the republican party threw out  Governor Wally Hickel well guess who became the Alaska governor anyway.  It sure didn’t stop Joe Lieberman in Connecticut, is he a powerless Senator today, unfortunately I think not.   Alaskans are not as dumb as some lower 48 might like to believe.  I encourage you to write in Lisa Murkowski for U. S. Senator for Alaska (fill in the black dot), she’s in it to win because this is the best person to represent Alaska as our senator.

Bill Kurtz is right on.

And I hope Pogo is wrong this time around.  ”I have seen the enemy and he is us”

James Studley

P. O. Box 946

Haines, Alaska 99827

Wednesday, September 22, 2010 by Ady Milos

I remember, about a year ago, there were mutterings amongst the community over the Haines Borough Assembly’s inability to listen to and represent the people of Haines. I remember chastening the good people of Haines that if they do not get involved and vote in the elections, they have no right to complain about the resulting Assembly’s job performance.

Now’s our chance for change! Our local election is near. We have some exciting people running for the Assembly this year that can give this community new life.

I refer to Karen Hess and Linda Geise. Both of these dynamic ladies are common sense conservatives; just what we need to shake things up in our stagnant Borough government. Both have prior experience in our local government; they can hit the ground running. Both understand the needs of our small businesses, and know just what the Borough can do to help them provide jobs and boost our economy.

We each have the responsibility to exercise our civic duty as Americans; to take a few minutes out of our day, Tuesday October 5th. Get up, go out and VOTE!

Vote for Linda Geise for Seat B. Vote (write-in) for Karen Hess for Seat E. I most certainly will; with pride.


Ady milos

Sunday, September 20, 2010 by Bill Kurz

Tea Party; Parade of fools

When are you going to wake up? Sarah Palin is playing you like a fiddle. Check her real record; she is a quitter / user from the word go. Has it occurred to you that she is getting rich at your expense? Do you really think she believes the garbage she slings to you?

Once she won second place in the 1984 Miss Alaska pagent, she realized she is cute and has used that to sucker people to get where she is. Look past the glitz and there is not much there.

It’s interesting that last Tuesday CNN realized she is helping elect Democrats. Doing this by electing weak Republicans in primaries.

Over the past year this writer has met and talked with many that have known Sarah Palin most of her life. Seems the people you would expect to be closest like her the least. They have realized they have been used also.

She most likely will self destruct before the presidential election. The question is how many good elected officials will be destroyed by her by then? We real Republicans should get the word out about her before to many more people are destroyed by her.

Bill Kurz

Saturday, July 17, 2010 by Diana Lapham

Although Pete has assured me that he does not want to make medivacs a routine  for us, I know that it may happen again.  And if it does my apprehension of the unknown has been greatly changed by our ambulance and clinic personnel.  Al, Jerry,Tom and Lyle, without a doubt when you came to the door I was already breathing easy.

When we got to the clinic Porsson, Adam, Becky and Rob — watching all of you  doing what you do was amazing — I felt that we were in the best of hands at that time.  Our clinic personnel are extraordinary. Although it was an unknown problem with Pete since he is on chemo as well as other medications, your professionalism made me feel very calm.

Our family, Roc and Diann Ahrens, and Doris Bell, Monica Stout — we are family aren’t we — there are no words to say how much your quiet support was felt.

Thank you Guardian flight.  Again I say if you don’t belong to Guardian…DO SO!!!!!!  This was our second medivac.  This organization is a God send.

Thank you Bartlett Hospital — this is one of the best facilities that Pete and I have been to, and we have been to few this year.

Pete is home and doing very well…it turned out to be a delayed reaction to a chemo drug that the Oncologist was going to change out in August.  I believe they will be changing it out sooner.

Thank you Haines for all the phone calls and love.

Sincerely, Pete and Diana Lapham

Saturday, May 1, 2010 by Tim Ackerman

At the traditional three mile hooligan harvesting area on the Chilkat river, the hooligan did not run in the river by the hooligan pit area. We therefore had to resort to hauling them off from the end of the airport dike area about one hundred yards to the south of the traditional harvest area.

Some of the first hooligan we caught were given to the elders.

we transported hooligans from the end of the sandbar with a fourwheeldrive as the distance was too far to haul by foot. In doing so we had to cross a small portion of the channel by the river.  The next day as we were getting ready to harvest some more I was contacted by the troopers and was advised to stay off the sandbar with any motorized vehicle, and to be at the trooper office Monday to receive my citation for an anadromous stream crossing citation. Evidence presented to the troopers was a photograph taken by local photographer and they wished to press charges.

So all you folks out there with four wheelers and off road vehicles, all river systems and stream beds are protected and the whole of the Chilkat valley is closed to off road vehicles.  I am the example of what can happen if you are found in the river or on any river banks dry or wet with your off road vechicle.

Local Chilkat Tlingit busted for hauling subsistence hooligans on The Chilkat river.  I guess I don’t have as much money as Al Kookesh  so I will plead no contest to the charges brought forth in this case.

Pre court report by Tim Ackerman.

I will write and let you folks know the rest of the story after the court procedings.  Until then stay out and off the river banks with any motor vehicle.

Monday, January 11, 2010 by PJ

Understanding our local economy is important and enables us to see just how fragile our local economy is and the importance of working together to strengthen our community. Restricting new economic opportunities, through increased regulation and Assembly micromanagement is the wrong direction!

Left alone potential markets will develop into viable industries, but if left to the floating “whim” of our political bodies it will be underdeveloped or destroyed.

Read ”Are You Guilty?” at the Alaskan1 blog–

Sunday, January 10, 2010 by Bill Kurz

What Would You Be Thinking??

If you were sitting in an office looking out on Main St. at closed up businesses, boarded up buildings. Stores with less stock on the shelves each year. Word that the local government is supporting rules that inhibit business.

Then along comes a wish list of things the local government would like to have the state fund. In that list is nothing that is directly related to building private enterprise. Nothing to truly encourage businesses to come to Haines or to help current businesses grow.

In case anyone is interested Christmas was December 25th.

Some in local government ask “Why does Skagway get everything”? Perhaps the above will give the reader some idea why.

Bill Kurz

January 10. 2010